Progress starts with yes.


Lovely is a business leader and strategist. She believes that progress starts from within. She's partnered with a variety of business owners and has had many experiences from being a hospice nurse to a program manager.

Her personal and professional experiences has lead her to grow as a person and business leader. A teacher at heart, she spends her time working with organizations and leaders for maximum growth.

Lovely recently launched her podcast, #AskLovely a lifestyle podcast that covers business, personal growth, and all the in-betweens of life.

In addition to running BRANDMELOVELY, Lovely is a speaker and currently working on her first book.

Lovely serves on several boards.

Awards: Local 10 News Hero, Hope Award

Some of Lovely's big picture goals: Help over 1000 misrepresented business owners grow their business to over 1 million in revenue. 

Open a school/innovation Hub in Haiti and solve world sized problems.


early beginnings

Lovely was born in Anse Rouge, Haiti. Her mother moved to the US to find a different life for her family. Her mother Abelida was a hard worker and instilled the passion for working hard in Lovely. Abelida raised her three children in South Florida instilling principles that Lovely continues to stand on. 

As a young child, Lovely was always interested in the creative arts, however she pursued the path of science and math.   Although, she struggled to truly maintained a central focus as she was always day dreaming of creating a better world.

The bug for change got strong when she spoke at her first conference at 16 and started a non-profit organization for young children at 17. Lovely has learned to be a go-getter and thinker that takes action. Her upbringing has taught her - hustle, grit, excellence, and work ethic


Lovely Merdelus
Entrepreneur, Mentor, & Business Strategist


We change when we make a series of new decision. I'm dedicated to propelling lives. 

We change when we make a series of new decision. I'm dedicated to propelling lives.