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Hi my name is Lovely. I’m sharing my life journey to inspire more people to live audaciously.

Creator of ‘Life Sessions| Host of #AskLovely | CEO at ‘Seven21



‘ I started Life with Lovely, to share my journey to educate, empower, and encourage others to live life fully. Growing up I didn’t have a clear path or understanding on relationships, finance, love, business or in betweens. I had a hard-working mom - so I gravitated to working hard and getting accolades. But never did I know the deep soulful purposeful life I could have. This is a space for my best advice, thoughts, podcast, quotes, stories, and truth - all towards living a life full of purpose and growth. ‘



What I’m up to these day’s.


For the past 3 years, I’ve been working with a team of entrepreneurs to create a company that sets to invest in the future of business and doing business with soul (Seven21). I had this idea for 10+ years and I’m just getting started - we’re deep diving so I spend EVERY day working towards building.


I work alongside many business owners and many of them want to stay “on” just for guidance and advice. However, over the years there’s a special group of business owners that I want to tackle and contribute to - minorities with businesses with less than 100, 000 in revenue. So, 2019 I’m working with my team to create 100K RoundTable a special small group in-session and community for cultivating successful profitable business within ‘any’ industry.


Currently slowing down to speed up. Journaling habit is what gets me through life more present, honest, and whole. So I take times to stop to intake my journey and what God is speaking to me through moment of silence and stillness, daily. I’m working through getting a healthy life experience through this and also working out more - I hope to share more in 2020.

Inspired by Derek Siver’s Now Page.  Last Updated, November 2018




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