It's not as easy as it looks.

A few years ago, life seemed easy. 

  • Go to school (check)
  • Meet someone (check) 
  • Help the community (check)
  • Go to church (check)

But something began to happen. It wasn't as easy as I thought. I didn't think life was a walk in a park either. I did believe if I worked hard enough and did more, everything  okay maybe just some things would be fine. But that's not exactly how things played out.

Now I know, it's not as easy as it looks. We may want holistic success. But it's not so easy. And when we read magazines and see the stories of those that "make it" we want to think it's overnight or how hard it could it really be. 

The answer: A lot harder. 

Now don't get me wrong the "hard" times aren't horrible. Those times become lessons and potential stepping stones for you. But it's all about perspective. 

What I learned? I don't care for it to be easy. I want the challenge - it makes me better. I don't know where this new found path I'm heading in will lead. And I don't want to know exactly where but I have some values that I want to stick by: 

  • In business, people matter. In life, people matter. 
  • Self-improvement never stops.  The best teachers never stop learning
  • It's not easy so don't treat others crafts as if they are. 
  • Allow people to be themselves around me.
  • Don't look for easy ways out but SIMPLE can often be best.
  • Work smart - not harder - Enjoy the process. 
  • Fear is the absence of something - find out what's missing (hope, knowledge etc) 
  • Follow Jesus examples + let others know God loves them. 

After all I have experience good and lessons (I have this perspective it's never bad it's always good or lesson that was needed). 

Do you have a story to share: What seemed easy but when you dug deeper became harder than you thought?


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