Dream Killers

Last week I launched my first podcast AskLovely, only took me 6 years. I wanted to start recording and deploying content in business, life, and personal development. Back then I started a non-profit organization and was leading a small team. I made horrible mistakes and I wanted to share my story. 

However, I didn’t. I wanted to wait until I was “successful”. I wanted to wait until I “made it”. Really what I was saying, I was too fearful to do it. I wanted to wait until my life was perfect. Within the last 6 years, I learned perfection doesn’t exist.

The podcast will be filled with a mixture of different types of content. One of these types is “series” based content. The first official series will be called: Dream Killers

I’ll be diving deep into the things that continue to kill our dreams and aspirations. I’m not speaking about the “selling yourself lies” dreams. I’m speaking about those things that burn deeply within you that you know you want to do. 

Whether that’s changing your career or starting a farm, I want to expose the lies we’ve told ourselves for so long.

It took me 6 years to start something that I already had a name and concept for. I decided to stop talking about what I’m going to do and just did it (thanks, Nike). 

Heres the deal, I know you have dreams, we all do. I want you to join me for this series to tackle the dream killers together.


Find me on iTunes at AskLovely (here) or you can listen on Soundcloud (here too) where you can listen to my first release "Too Busy To Be Effective" and look forward Monday’s (09/25/17) release of part 1 of Dream Killers. 

You can also send any questions to ask@lovelymerdelus.com or direct message me here right on Linkedin 

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